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Cut through the decision fat now. 5 Ways to Trim Someday Obesity.

Admit it. You’ve said, “Someday I’ll…”
Don’t lie. You know you have.
We all do.

Someday is a form of indecision, being non-committal, being a “maybe baby” sort of person. How’s that working for ya? And, what if someday never gets here? Yeah, you’ve heard that before. Even as I sit here typing this, at any moment it could all be over. Then what would you have to read?

What I fear is keeping you, and me for that matter, in someday mentality, isn’t necessarily that we don’t have the means to do what we want to do right now, which could be true; it’s that we’ve become brainwashed into, life takes this path and this is what you do once you’ve achieved this particular milestone in your life. That’s an ok perspective some of the time, but most the time it’s a procrastination technique to not deal with what needs dealt with. Right?

However, I want to be clear, let’s not put all that responsibility on SOMEDAY. Let’s put it on ourselves, and start shedding the fat of SOMEDAY. It’s the obesity factor that may not manifest as fat, but it could, through stress, over working to get to someday, and juggling to many priorities except the right ones. Which begs the question, are you capable of prioritizing what’s truly right for you and your SOMEDAY?

Some of you will flippantly say, “Yes,” and others will say, “Hell no!” Either way, it’s time to slim down the belly fat of someday, even if you don’t feel like you’ve over indulged in someday buffet.

5 Ways to Trim Someday Obesity!

#1: Live in a what do you desire today mentality.

There’s nothing wrong with planning for a future. In fact it’s silly not to, but if you don’t also play and live in the present, you will experience FFOMO – future fear of missing out. All your eggs will be in the future basket and then, CRACK, in one fail trip and fall, your future could be gone. Be realistic about the future, but don’t forget to give yourself permission to live in the present. For a start, in the next week give yourself permission to do two things that are in the someday list, or to at least begin to take some action towards that someday.

#2: Do something now that scares the crap out of you to do now.

If you do it now, someday has now power. You can check the item off the bucket list off, and heck, you might even begin to realize that your bucket list need not exist. One of my friends actually runs a bucket list adventure company simply because he wanted to live his bucket list now, not later. For him, this decisions came out of thinking something that scared the crap out of him. He set a date to commit suicide, but also determined, before he hit that date that he would do as much living as possible. By the time he got to the date, he realized life was more than worth living. While I don’t recommend the “set a date to exit the world mentality,” I do see value in doing something every day that scares the crap out of you to do today, rather than waiting for tomorrow.

#3: Stop jerking yourself around.

There’s plenty of other people to jerk us around, so why do it to yourself. Yet one of the most common ways to do this is to say, “Someday,” or “When the time is right,” or “When I get enough money.” Blah, blah, blah. To some degree these statements can be true, but they’re mostly self-imposed jerk off sessions with a bunch of getting you nowhere lip service, instead of getting clear. Yes, some things are meant to be in the future. Yes, other things are meant to happen now and all it takes is for you to give yourself permission to stop the jerking yourself back and forth. Make a list of everything that you are being wishy-washy about. Then take that list and look at it from an empowered mindset of “Today, I’m not going to jerk myself around about this, and here is what I am going to do.” Definitive action leaves no room for jerking yourself around.

#4 Ask yourself, “What would________do?”

We all have our heroes, our man crushes, our lady crushes, our “Wish I was smart as they are crushes,” so be them for the moment. What would Madonna do? How about Oprah? JFK? Walt Disney? Robert Downey Junior? Elon Musk? I don’t care who you crush on or admire. Whatever Beyonce’ would do, how might you be that fierce in your own version of Beyonce-ism? Channel that energy, mindset, vision into yourself and see how quickly you begin to manifest a present day answer versus a SOMEDAY answer.

#5 Be the action taker.

Even if you know that you are going to do something, SOMEDAY, what consistent actions do you need to be doing today, this week, this month to drive you to that SOMEDAY. The more consistent the action, the more the SOMEDAY is actually happening in the now, because you are touching and feeling that SOMEDAY, in SOME WAY, right now, in the present. It will make the time go by faster towards that someday, and you will get to experience the thrill of being in the moment with the future endeavor each and every day.

Someday doesn’t have to be a dismal, never get there adventure. It can be everything you make of it right now, with nothing to apologize for in the present moment. It can also be something that needs a little injection of “WHY?” power. Be clear on the “WHY?” behind the pursuit, making darn sure you add your values to the pursuit, and suddenly, that SOMEDAY becomes all that more important, and the effort so much more worth it.

You might even find, that the “WHY?” helps you realize, your desire deserves a “right here and now,” and not a “SOMEDAY!”

Go dump your excuses, face your fears, and stop apologizing that your joy will only come someday. Take the Unapologetic Life Assessment today and start cutting loose the wasted days and wasted night of SOMEDAY!

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