Follow The Leader


Ever been told to, “Lead by example!” I see you shaking your head. You know it’s true. But for many of us, that thought is very scary. To lead in life seems like an enormous responsibility. For others, being the leader means being of service. And then of course, for others, they get their rocks off being the leader. To that I say, “What if you’re just the example without being the leader?” It’s a completely different juxtaposition (aka viewpoint)!

If you only have to be repsonsible for being the example and not the leader, maybe it will be less stressful and a whole lot more enjoyable. Plus, it leaves room for everyone to play the lead role. Just something to think about! Hopefully it doesn’t make you sweat as much. If it does…find a stronger deoderant and antipersperant, or just let it go…no sweat!

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