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Empowering gay men to
unapologetically live life
on their terms.

no excuses, no fears, no apologies

Let's be honest. You may be at a stage in life where...

  • Success is great, but you'd rather run away from your soul-sucking job and do something meaningful
  • Getting laid is fun, but a one-night stand isn't the deep meaningful relationship you're looking for
  • Hanging with your FRAMILY keeps you sane, but being fabulous, go, go, go, be seen, seen, see, scenes are no longer your style
  • Living by others expectations is draining, and stressful and it's time to be your own man, your way
  • Everything on the surface is good, but you're miserable and sick and tired of pretending life is a cabaret

Truth is, if you're not happy in your gay life, it's time fix it...NOW!

Love and Relationships

Career and Money

Purpose and Direction

Wellness and Mindset

You're tired of the hook-up scene. Ready to experience a deep intimate relationship with Mr. Right or in your current relationship. You want connection and relationships with meaning. Then it's time for a relationship tune-up.

From friends and family, to co-workers and bosses, to getting it right with Mr. Right, it's time that your relationships get real and go beyond the surface.

No more being disconnected. It's time to step into a deeply connected world where you feel alive and excited to be in your relationships...especially that one with the guy that makes your legs weak and your heart go pitter pat, pitter pat, and your jeans stretch that you're happy to see him!

Let's get you

  • Dating, mating, stepping into a relationship with confidence


  • Creating friendships that match your values


  • Connecting with people authentically, no BS allowed

You're either thriving or dying in your career. Success is either elusive or beyond your wildest dreams. There's either never enough money in the bank account, or you're amazed that the abundance keeps flowing, but wondering when it will stop.

Any of this sound familiar? If you're like most gay men, finding balance with career and having a powerful relationship with money is a daunting task.

Even if it's all good, at times you find it hard to love your career and success because you feel empty. On the other hand you might struggle with the weight of being unhappy in your career and never having enough money, are tired of pressure, stress, and uncertainty.

Let's get you

  • Defining what true success means to you


  • Creating YOUR positive relationship with money


  • Making your career fit your life and your life fit your career

If you're wandering around in the wasteland of your "gay life," you're not alone. Many gay men are ruled by expectations they, or others set for them, and find their own blind ambitions unfulfilling.

What once seemed important - being fabulous, acceptance in the community and world, amassing wealth, having fun, now feels empty.

Living someone else's dream for your life, no longer cuts it. Waking up daily with no motivation, is killing you. That nagging voice asking, "When are you going to..." needs to just shut the f*ck up. Yet, without a solid direction and the clarity of what your purpose is, what's the point?

Let's get you

  • Focused and clear on what lights you up


  • Living by your values not others expectations


  • Confident to move beyond uncertainty and taking action on your dreams

Whether your 30, 40, 50+, fact is, you're headed down the aging road. Doesn't mean you have to sink into the depths of "gay and out to pasture!" Your mindset and ability to take care of you all in your power, so use it.

Staying healthy, having a positive mindset, dumping the stress, and being a self-care master makes you a better man - for yourself and others.

How do you do carve out the time for self-care, and make yourself a priority? If that question, and others are ravaging your life, it's time to push the pause button, making wellness and mindset as higher priority than a  night out at the bar!

Let's get you

  • Out of stress and into a peaceful state of mind


  • Making self-care a high priority


  • Embracing a healthy life that works for you without feeling deprived

It's time for you to stop the lip service and do what you say you're going to do.
Create and experience the life you crave!

My coaching approach is simple.

I couple my professional training as a certified coach with my life experiences as a gay man, successful entrepreneur, father of two, and long term relationship with my husband, to help you find your answers, build your confidence, and co-create a personal vision plan that fits your desires.

My goal is to move you from, "Crap I'm stuck in this rut of a gay life," to "Damn, I'm loving me and happy being my badass gay self living the life I've designed!"

I'm a straight-forward, no BS kind of coach that challenges you to stop the lip service while creating a safe, vulnerable space for you to do the work that will make you thrive as a gay man - no excuses, no fears, no apologies.

Take control of your life!

Overcome your fears, get clear, and take action in relationships.
No more messing around, letting fear of rejection or fake relationships hold you back.

Build unbridled confidence to pursue a career or work that matters.
Stop doing the expected, do what you live for- own your cut the insecurity bullshit.

Unmask your authentic self, living with purpose and intention.
No more apologetic living.Stand in your power, be you, do your calling

Shift your mindset and thrive.
Overcome worry and stress that rules your life by creating a self-loving habit of living in possibilities

Coaching Packages

Let's cut to the chase. To make a move in life, especially a bold move, involves investment. You don't buy a house without investing. That spanking new car you want requires a down payment. Hooking up with the right partner means investing time to build the relationship. Invest, invest, invest.

The same is required when it comes time to navigating and making your next big life move - commitment and an investment in yourself. Hiring a coach is a great way to make your next move a reality.

If you and I agree we're an awesome fit make your next move a reality, I require a 3-month, minimum commitment to be your wingman and coach. Our relationship includes:


  • Weekly meetings or video calls of 1 hour each
  • Initial "what's not working" assessment
  • Weekly action assignments for momentum
  • Straight-forward tools for keeping you on track
  • Access to me via email or text 24 hours a day
  • Fluid action plan that morphs depending on your needs

Your Investment

3-month package:

$2,400 or 3 monthly installments of $800

6-month package:

$4,200 or 6 monthly installments of $700

12-month package:

$7,200 or 12 monthly installments of $600

Jeff H.

I felt like my life was on cruise control. Moving, but no real fulfilling direction. I was a little fearful about looking deep into my life to see why I was stuck, but the thought of continuing to be stuck was worse. Rick’s provided me with powerful insights and tools to rid myself of my victim mentality. I’m extremely excited that things are looking pretty damn good!

Jacob M.

Throughout the 18 months I have worked with Rick, I have developed a genuine, strong, overwhelming love for myself. I no longer have an inner fight going on. I am aware of my thoughts, my actions, my choices, and the energy I put into the world. Now I am a MAN, a GAY man, who can stand up and love himself regardless of who is in the room.

Randy B.

Rick is extremely supportive, full of love and helps you tackle and overcome obstacles in an honest and straightforward fashion. Sometimes we need someone on the outside to guide us through the process and keep us on track to reach our goals. I always feel comfortable talking with Rick, and can tell he is truly listening, cares about what I am saying and wants me to succeed

Brain G.

When I first contacted Rick to begin coaching sessions, I was going through the greatest crisis of my entire life… I had finally come to terms with the fact that I am gay. Rick was a tremendous support for me at that time, thoughtfully walking me through the process of understanding myself and eventually coming out to my family and friends.
Rick’s approach to coaching made all the difference. He never directed me to do anything. He never gave me a recipe for how to live my life. He simply asked questions that allowed me to make my own decisions and to chart my own path.
It’s been two years since I began work with Rick and I have to say, my life is completely transformed. My crisis is in the past and I have reached a place where I am profoundly happy. My relationships with my family and friends are wonderful. I am at peace with myself and I feel like I have a new direction in my life.
Whatever your issues: whether they be coming out, or transitioning to a new phase of life, I highly recommend Rick and his tremendous life coaching abilities.

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