Habits and Behaviors They Go Hand In Hand!


I was on my morning walk, 3 miles, a habit I’ve created, when I decided to shake things up a little.

You see, I was starting to behave badly about these morning walks. I was getting lazy, not keeping my heart rate up, getting bored, listening to the same old play list, and I was starting to see my good habit, no longer being a behavior I enjoyed. I knew I had to do something or I was going to become miserable and start putting back on weight, and not feeling relaxed..both of which are totally unacceptable.

So what did I do? I replace my playlist with one of my favorite podcasts, The Good Life Project, with my friend Jonathan Fields and listened to his interview with Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project and her latest book Better Than Before. Boy was I surprised by the divine intervention that came my way. First, I’d been trying to find time to listen to more of my favorite podcasts…check ,got that done; and I was also looking for inspiration to be more excited about my walks…check, got that done.

The conversation Jonathan and Gretchen were having about habits and behaviors, led me, in the midst of my walk to realize that I needed to marry those tow concepts together in order to stay on my intentions to walk on a daily basis for my health and emotional wellness. In fact, as i listened, I began to think…”I’m an Upholder…someone who meets outer expectations, and inner expectations pretty equally. To understand what an Upholder is, you’re going to have to go take Gretchen’s Four Tendencies Quiz yourself and see how you fair.

Here’s what I know after listening to the podcast, taking the quiz, and also what I’m discovering as I’ve started reading Better Than Before

  • I’m better at accomplishing things when someone expects something from me, including myself
  • I’m pretty good at starting things. Where I falter is not letting the behavior support the habit or not allowing the behavior to change the habit
  • The only thing standing between me, success, setting and achieving goals is being held accountable – either by others or myself

I learned all this because I was getting bored, doing my daily walk and decided to change things up a little bit.

  • What habit would you like start?
  • What behavior do you need to modify, or change to be more successful?
  • How can you use your current habits to be more successful or to break bad habits that are holding you back?
  • Which behaviors might you wish to turn into a habit or change so that they don’t be come a habit

Have fun exploring and don’t forget to go check out Gretchen and Jonathan…you won’t be disappointed.

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