How safe are you from your own jealousy?


Admit it. We all want our cake and to it too. Just us, no one else. Ok, maybe not all of us, all the time, but as gay men, there seems to be this tendency to get a little jealous if we can’t have the hottest guy, the coolest clothes, or be the bell of the ball…even if you’re not the atypical gay guy.

Here’s a little secret I learned about my own jealous tendencies as a gay man, and I’m thinking it just might help you too.

Jealousy comes from feeling out of control!

That’s it! No more, no less. Think about it. If you can’t get the hottest guy to pay attention to you, you’re unable to control the situation and suddenly you feel jealous when another guy catches his eye. Or, you walk into a social event, dressed to the nines, only to find that everyone else is dressed to the tens. You have no way of controlling how they got the better looking outfits instead of you, so your little playmate Jealousy crops up.

Make sense?

Even if you’re not prone to being jealous, the next time your annoying little jealousy visitor makes an appearance, ask yourself, “What about this situation is making me feel out of control?” Once you have that answer, you can tell jealousy to take a hike and accept, you can’t control what you can’t control, except your own jealous nature.

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