How To Be A Confident Gay Man!


Whether it’s something in the air, a shift in the planets, or simply the continuing struggle to be heard and loved, I feel like all the gay men coming into my office for life coaching right now are struggling with CONFIDENCE!

  • Love life sucks because doing relationships is foreign to them or hard
  • Not advancing in their career because they just don’t have the right mojo
  • Carving out a six-pac is much harder than reaching for one in the fridge so why bother

Regardless of what their facing, most of my clients, when we peel back the layers are all struggling with confidence in some way shape or form. And, to be totally transparent, at times I too myself feel the same way. Confidence can be tricky and can come off as being arrogant. However, those who are masterfully confident know one thing, and one thing only – CONFIDENCE ONLY REQUIRES LOVING YOUR SELF!

Kind of simple isn’t it. Think about it:

  • How much do you love yourself if you say “Look at that fat!”
  • How much do you care about yourself when you say “I’m so stupid!”
  • How much do you inspire a team when you say “What do I know, I’m just here to make a paycheck just like you!”

It’s often the funky little tapes we play in ourselves that cause us to have no confidence. So change the dialogue:

  • My love handles show I’ve really enjoyed some great food and wine. But my six-pac will show I want to live longer to enjoy food and wine in moderation.
  • I’m looking forward to learning how to increase my closing rates during the sales process so I won’t feel like I’m lost and not as good as the others.
  • Every time we do something for one of us on the team we do it for each of us.

Bottom line is that when we change the dialogue from our inner critics, we change our view of self. You ready to take that challenge?

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