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Hypnotic Beliefs!


Can we just be honest with one another? If not, then don’t bother reading further. I’m not really interested in you being here if you’re not going to get something out of this. Not because I think I’m some prophet from on high. Of course I’m pretty damn tall when I’m wearing my drag heels, but that’s besides the point. So back to this honesty thing. You ready?

I have a theory that we all have a right to believe in anything we desire. I also have a theory that often, we become hypnotized by our beliefs and can’t see clearly. And thus the reason for the hypnotic picture of the cactus. It’s beautiful and alluring until you prick your ass on it, then you’re wide awake! The same goes for our beliefs.

We can believe in anything, even things that cause us pain. Nonetheless, even painful beliefs have a way of lulling us into a drunken state of hypnosis, and it doesn’t take much. For example. Have you ever found yourself watching T.V. just for the sake of watching something? Come on I see you trying to deny it, yet the little conversation bubble over your head is saying, “Yes, it happens all the time!” One of the reasons for being lulled into watching whatever is on T.V. is a belief that we’re bored, there’s nothing else to do, or it’s better than sitting around stewing because there’s “nothing else to do.”  Do you see the pattern?

These are all thoughts that turned into a belief that you suddenly have bought into. So stop it! Sorry! Didn’t mean to be so bitchy about that. So, what would happen if you tried something different? There, that’s much more gentle. In fact, what might happen if you stopped being hypnotized by any belief that makes you feel less than? And with that question, I will leave you to ponder. Just make sure you don’t sit and ponder on a cactus and get thorns up your ass!

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