If you haven't failed today…you might want to try again!


Failure. It makes us feel shameful, like a loser, and downright crappy! Well get over it and take another look.

At the end of each day, I would invite you to ask yourself, “What did I fail at?” Often, we can easily come up with a list of failures that are just superfluous failures. You know the kind that aren’t really a matter of life or death.

Then there are the monstrous failures like forgetting a “0” or adding an extra “0” that cause revenues to sky rocket or plummet.

And, then there are the days with no failures. The days that everything is good, the sun is shining, sliver linings are everywhere, yet, you still feel like nothing special has happened. Maybe it’s because you didn’t fail.

  • You avoided standing up for something you believe in
  • You neglected giving an opinion for fear of being shot down
  • You let someone else have the upper hand and take the credit for your idea
  • You said “Yes,” when you really wanted to say, “No”
  • You set your dream aside with a sigh and a promise to do it “someday”

Ironically, any of those scenarios might have caused you to fail. Even more ironic is the truth that any one of those scenarios might have also caused you to succeed, feel happier, come more alive, and step into your brilliance.

So now, I ask you, “Would you rather fail, or continue to sit in the darkness of wondering, what if?”

Rather than…

  • Letting “What if…” hold you hostage
  • Hiding your brilliance in the potential shadows of rejection
  • Succumbing to the easy road of “Yes”

Maybe you’d like to take the chance and just for today, fail. Fail just a little bit or a lot, so that you can grow into the essence of you that you’ve always been. Maybe, just maybe, you might take that risk and let a little failure guide you to your next great learning adventure so that you can thrive!

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