If you're juggling, keep it up, until your ready to land!


I was working with a client this week who was feeling unfocused, out of control, and as if everything was up in the air. After he shared the various aspects of his life that were making him feel like a master juggler, I shared with him one of my Rickism’s that I live by:


If we don’t get things up in the air then nothing can land!
Some of you may be scratching your head going, “WHAT?” So let’s dissect this thought.
  1. Every good idea, desire, or goal needs a solid place to land in order for it to take root and grow.
  2. In order for it to land, some aspect of the idea, desire, or goal must be up in the air, out in the ether’s of possibility, before it can become a reality.
  3. Without letting our thoughts about our ideas, desires, and goals float out there in possibility land, they then simply remain thoughts that never get implemented into actions.
  4. Without taking any actions to dissect the possibilities, nothing gets done and you simply continue to juggle your ideas, desires, and goals, and nothing ever lands.
You my friend are the master juggler of your life. As you juggle, and put things into the air and realm of possibility, don’t be afraid to let things land. There’s only one of two things that will happen when they land.
  1. The thought, idea, goal lands in a manner that lights you up and you move forward with excitement and wonder into your new adventure.
  2. The thought, idea, goal lands in a manner that doesn’t set well and you release it…if you can release it.
The problem most of us encounter, is our inability to release it if the thought, idea, goal doesn’t set well. So then what do you do? How can you learn to release something that you believe is in your best interest? Great question and here’s my suggestion…ask yourself if it truly is in your best interest.

It means that you literally explore the following question:

Is it in my best interest to keep juggling this thought, idea, goal
in my life, or is it in my best interest to finally let it go and to move on?
To obtain the answer, you only need to listen and listen deeply. Only then will the juggling pay off so that the answer can land!

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