Inviting Your Inner Rebel Out To Play


While vacationing on Cape Cod in July, staring at the ocean, it hit me. I was limiting myself, becoming stuck in neutral, starting to let the same old tapes play out, and not listening to the nudge in my gut. Sound familiar? It’s perfectly normal. We all go through these phases. And here’s what I did…I invited my inner rebel out to play.

3 Steps For Cutting Loose Your Inner Rebel

  1. Move from “Why?” to “How?” Look closely at your “Why?” and then give yourself permission to figure out the “How?” Often we get the answers to “Why?” something is happening and then we settle. Right into neutral and we don’t do anything to move us from “Why?” Not that saying “Why?” is wrong. In fact, as one of my favorite authors (Simon Sinek) says, “Start With Why!” I only encourage as I did to then ask “How?” (more of what happened in just a couple of paragraphs.)
  2. Trust yourself enough to go be fully yourself. Easier said than done, when you trust, more often than not what you receive is in your best interest. One of my mentor’s, Bruce D. Schneider, made a statement recently during a team call, that correlates to this step of cutting your inner rebel loose. He said, “Ask for what you desire and make sure you also add, if it is in my best interest.” When we TRUST that it is in our best interest, then whether we receive or get the door slammed in our face, we at least know that we TRUSTED ourselves enough to go fully become vulnerable to have the experience.
  3. Never stifle your inner passions. No matter what you may think, “Not good enough…,” “What will others think?,” “I’m to old and set in my ways…,” your passions never go away. Oh yes. Like a the memories of your first crush, they’re always right under the surface waiting to be set-free. Nothing will kill them, yet your thoughts can keep them in the shadows.

Why am I sharing these steps with you?

Because, my little inner journey this summer made me realize how valuable those steps are, and the clarity they can bring when you feel like something is missing. I felt a void, a desire, an intention to be more. In the abyss of those thoughts, clarity hit me. Clarity that made me realize I’m can be a coach, a writer, a speaker, a father, a partner, a son, a brother, etc. Most of all, I can let me inner rebel come out and play. And when I do, I tap into my blessed talents, and guide myself and others to jump off the hamster wheel of life –  leave or repair a lackluster relationship, walk away from a dead-end career, and start living with passion. When I do that, and when my clients do that, we step into a unique way of living our dreams, achieving our goals, and embracing new levels of happiness.

[Photo: Flickr Member D. Bjorn, Catchin’Up, licensed for use under Creative Commons license Attribution 2.0 Generic]

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