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It takes a hero to…speak your mind!

dreamstime_7122602I’m in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Of course, I’m not here just kicking back, enjoying the sun and the fun. However I will say, the sights, thus far, may cause me to break out of conference mode and play some hooky!

Truth is, I’m here to say what’s on my mind. I’ve actually paid a sizeable amount money to speak my mind. Odd, right? Paying money to speak my mind. Heck I could have stood naked in front of my bathroom mirror at home and not paid a dime to speak my mind. But I want to become Heroic. I want to move people into action (not because they saw me naked and ran). I want to make a difference in this world, as only I can, using my voice…speaking my mind…sharing my truth…helping others just be themselves.

I no longer want to sit idly by and not have a voice.
I can’t allow my thoughts to just be my thoughts.
I refuse to believe, I’m not good enough to offer an opinion.
I will not stand in silence, out of fear.
I must use my voice, if only to cause one other person to use theirs.

You don’t have to become a Heroic Public Speaker as I’m attempting, and will do. You don’t have to have a heart pounding repertoire of prose to share. You don’t even have to practice enunciating clearly.

All you have to do is…


Take your gifted, talented voice and set it free to be heard, instead of hiding it away where only you and your internal minions can hear it. Someone out there is waiting to hear your voice, your thoughts, your perspectives, your insights, your truth.

Your voice is part of your truth, your purpose, your passion.
Use it so that the world will know your brilliance.

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