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It's Time For The Damn Best Hook-Up You've Ever Had!

heartofitGo ahead! Let’s get naughty and hook-up this Valentines Weekend!

Fact! Most of you that read this are gay men.
Fact! The rest of you that read it can learn something from it too.
Fact! Everyone of us, in some way, hooks-up.
Fact! Tomorrow is Valentines Day!

Question: Who do you want to hook-up with tomorrow?

Whether you’re single, married, dating, engaged, or just don’t give a damn about V-Day, truth is, you can still hook-up tomorrow for some great romance, and mind blowing orgasms…if you so choose to take the challenge I’m laying before you!

It’s the type of romance and orgasms that can, and will sweep you off your feet, provided you HOOK-UP. It’s not something you have to jump on an app, or quadruple check a dating site to see if there’s a slim chance that Cupid will hook you up before you realize – LOVE CAN SUCK!

For the most part, the hook-up that keeps on putting out is one that doesn’t ask for much. Quietly it sits, waiting for your attention. It’s not anxiously waiting for a text or phone call from you. In fact, it doesn’t even have naked selfies that it’s going to share with you to get your attention.

This hook-up is a logical wise one. It comes from a place of experience, truth, honesty, and real desire. Sometimes it’s animal in it’s approach, and other times it’s the quiet little demure observer. Ironically, there are even times that this hook-up will tease and taunt you, but not to purposefully torture you. It does it from a space of love – thus the reason it’s perfect to talk about this little hook-up so close to V-Day! Which brings us back to the question at hand…

Who do you want to hook-up with tomorrow? Today? For the rest of your life?

How about, for starters, hooking-up with yourself! The source of you. Your soul. The big Diva within that is your intuition – because that bitch never steers you wrong and you know it! Yes, how about this Valentines Day you hook-up, get naked, slather yourself in some I’m good enough love, and know that whatever your expecting from those outside of your self to show you’re loved, isn’t going to show up the way you desire it too, until you HOOK-UP WITH YOU!

Go ahead. HAVE A HAPPY, HOOK-UP, VALENTINES DAY with the essence of you…the you, you sometimes forget to hook-up with when you need to most.

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