Just A Coincidence? Think Not!


I’ve been reading a fascinating book entitled, The Three “Only” Things – Tapping The Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination, by Robert Moss. I find it chock full of interesting stories, tidbits, and advice of seeing that dreams and coincidence drive much of what appears to meet us in life. I haven’t gotten to the imagination chapters yet, so cannot comment.

As I was reading last night regarding coincidence’s Robert put forth a simple exercise that I wanted to share.

  1. Write down the following intention. ” I would like guidance on…” What you put in the blank is something that really matters. Listen your heart and gut and make it authentic, real.
  2. Once you have expressed your intention it’s time to pay attention and notice the next striking and unusual thing that steps into your world is a direct message from the universe about your intention.
  3. To help this game along, you may want to go for a walk, skim a book and see the first message that jumps out at you, turn on the radio and see what song first comes on the radio, act on the first phone call you receive, etc.

If the message you get is clear then hallelujah, your done. If not, than share what came up with friends or family to get some perspective.

Regardless, enjoy the game and be open to seeing what will happen.

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