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217: The Art of Living A Life Uncloseted – Rick Clemons

We all get constrained. Stuck. Shackled by life. But what happens when we finally take the bold step to say, “NO MORE!” That’s the day we start to live our life uncloseted. But how do you do that? You make a bold move to embark upon a bold change.

Today, The Coming Out Lounge makes that bold move. A move that says, it’s time to uncloset our intentions be of even more service to more podcast listeners. To bring more stories of coming out from all of life’s closets. Today we bid a loving farewell to 216 episodes of The Coming Out Lounge to start the new journey of Life Uncloseted.
In this transition show you’ll be introduced to what’s coming, get a feel for the guiding principles of living a life uncloseted, and take a little look back at the past couple of years of The Coming Out Lounge.

Show Highlights

* When you live life uncloseted, you’ll experience the beautiful multiple orgasms of life!
* Want to thrive against the “impossible?” Embrace the boldness, today.
* EVERYBODY has a closet – It’s your right to live #uncloseted
* When I let my ego go, I get closer to myself. This & other lessons I’ve learned…
* I gained power when I finally could admit one thing – “I don’t know.”


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