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221: Rebellion and living a life uncloseted – Ricky Rebel

Too often the world sees rebellion as an act to get attention or to buck the system just for bucking the systems sake. Yet, when we rebel with intention, out of a desire to be who we are, the way we are, and as our unique self, we actually build confidence and start to live our life our way – to live a life uncloseted.

Glam rocker, Ricky Rebel takes us on an interesting ride exploring how self-confidence is an aphrodisiac for never being afraid to ask and get what you want from life. His new single – if You Were My Baby – from the upcoming album The New Alpha, inspires listeners to step into their own version of self-confidence to land that special desire, and to live your life uncloseted.

Show Highlights

* Want to open yourself up to possibility? Tune in for this guest’s story…
* Hear what lessons Ricky’s first real relationship taught him
* His thoughts on handling haters and bullies!
* The new alpha male – explained
* Follow your 1st vision, no matter what ANYONE says

Connect with Ricky Rebel

Ricky Rebel, glam rocker, releases The New Alpha, a perfect ten package of new remixes from some of the biggest DJ/producers on the planet, including Hector Fonseca, Tommie Sunshine and Mr. Mig.  He is also releasing the song’s music video, directed by Daniel Wu and produced by Rare Candy.

Ricky Rebel burst on the music scene in 1997 as the lead vocalist of the boy-band No Authority. Signed by Michael Jackson to Michael’s MJJ Music label at Sony, he toured with 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child, Aaron Carter, and Ashlee and Jessica Simpson.   In 2000, the band moved to Madonna’s Maverick label where they toured with Britney Spears and released their Billboard Top 40 chart hit, “Can I Get Your Number,” produced by the same Mr. Mig featured on the “If You Were My Baby” remix package.  Another No Authority song, “I’m Telling You This,” appeared on the Rugrats in Paris soundtrack.

In 2004, No Authority broke up and Ricky became the lead vocalist of the band, Harlow. He also did voice-over work for films Apollo 13, Anywhere But Here, and Anastasia, and appeared on television in episodes of American Dreams, Boston Public, and Audrina.
Ricky went solo as Ricky Rebel in 2012. Since then, he has released two albums, Manipulator featuring hit singles “Geisha Dance,” “Get It On” and “You Need a Woman” and The Blue Album featuring “Star” and “Boys and Sometimes Girls”.



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