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223: Chaos Creates Stability – Greg Centineo

Imagine the only way to live your life uncloseted means, failing, with a capital F. Going from creating what’s anticipated to be a Hollywood animation block buster, to a complete box office bust. Your life comes to a halt, to the point that you don’t even desire to get out of bed. The closet of your life is your disdain for self and lack of self-confidence.

Today’s guest shares how he came out of the depths of self-despair, lack of confidence, and self-worth, to step into an amazing space of realizing he can create something out of nothing, make the impossible possible and create a positive ripple effect knowing that chaos creates stability.

Greg Centineo is a closet buster who lives his life as a transformer, storyteller, and seeker of meaning as he guides organizations to high-level growth from a deep seeded human perspective. This is his life uncloseted story!

Show Highlights

* There was a guilt and embarrassment around failing, but confidence and self-awareness pulled him out
* If it doesn’t kill you, it WILL make you stronger (he’s living proof)
* Hear about the one thing you truly own in this world…
* “Negativity” is really all about mindset & how you experience the world

Connect with Greg Centineo

People have said that if Greg Centineo had a title, it could be transformer, storyteller or seeker of meaning. He is the man CEOs call upon to turn great ideas into reality through thoughtful team leadership and the ability to attract large numbers of people to a common goal.

In 2000, Greg opened the Two Street Coffee Garage, originally an organic underground coffee movement intended to go head to head with Starbucks. After selling Two Street, Greg entered the arena of residential lending and structured financing with Washington Mutual.

While operating his thriving lending business, Greg was implored repeatedly to conduct the funding by the CEO of Summertime Entertainment for an animated film, “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return.” In 2008, captivated and undaunted by Greg’s honest approach (“This is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime in which you could lose all your money.”), investor after investor bought in—and eventually bought in big—to what has now become a $120 million unprecedented global phenomenon.

Following Oz, Greg co-founded Pulse Evolution Corporation, the digital human animation studio responsible for Michael Jackson’s hologram performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Pulse owns a large percentage of the digital likeness rights to figures such as Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley.

Throughout his career, Greg has had ample experience as a profound public speaker, including at the University of Miami where he is a student favorite, as well as a mentor to both old and new entrepreneurs.

Today, Greg is a highly sought after consultant by large ventures – primarily advising C-level executives on leadership and fundraising that leads to company growth. Greg also leads large live streaming events and teaches his leadership secrets at
Greg lives between Downtown Los Angeles and South Florida.



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