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227: A Good Crash Always Leads To Good Living – Billy Winn

Sometimes it takes crashing and burning to find your path to freedom. To live a life uncloseted.

That crash make take on the form of leaving a record label, moving away from a relationship based purely on lust, and realizing you’re growing up and becoming older and wiser. All good things, in their own way. But how do you find that path? How do you see the light? How do you take that dose of wisdom and move away from relationships that you know are just wrong for you?

Singer, song-writer, Billy Winn shares his uncloseted journey along with his new single “Crash” as we explore how to uncomplicated life by allowing the crash to happen and the rebirth to rise out of the wreckage.

Show Highlights

* This guest has learned A LOT about what the music industry can really be like
* Don’t think you can change in a short period of time? Billy did…
* You have to feel deserving of the things that you want
* Persistence is key. Show people how persistent you are (don’t just tell them)
* Hear what happens when you’re around an individual for long enough

Connect with Billy Winn

Billy started writing songs when he was twelve, composing catchy pop and R&B melodies with big choruses. When he recorded them, he knew something was missing. A producer he was working with at the time suggested he step outside his box and experiment with other sounds, particularly electronic and dance music. It clicked right away.

“Crash” is the first single from out artist Billy Winn since he split with his record label two years ago. Written and produced by Billy and Mark A. Barrie of the production team Madscience, “Crash” is a super intense, emotional, and dynamic electro pop record, similar to his previous hit records, “Cruel Intentions” and “He Won’t Do,” but with less of a dance focus.

Billy Winn’s “Crash” is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms. The music video will premiered exclusively on Apple music, November 6.



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