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243: Life as a “Check Minus” – Raechel Anderson Dressler

Imagine being that kid in school who loved to help others, innocently over contributed, and being labeled as disruptive, simply because you wanted to contribute, but instead got told, “You’re not paying attention.”
Before you know it, your life has become a series “Check-minuses,” never being able to get more than an A-, because you were putting too much of your own personality into things. Consciously and unconsciously you start to turn yourself down and created a story whereby in order for you to excel, you needed to tone your authentic self-down and sometime even remove your true self from the equation. And that became your life, until you discovered, “That shit don’t float, and it sure the heck doesn’t make you a happy person.

Fellow coach, mischief maker, and the one person I enjoy a good “snort” with – and we’re not talking about putting stuff up our noses – Raechel Anderson Dressler, joins me today to teach us how to come out of our closets of “check-minusing ourselves out of the equation. And if you’re lucky, there will probably be a few good snorts along the way.

Show Highlights

* How did she try to fill a void? There were many ways…
* I LOVE this guest….find out why!
* Raechel is full of personality, but she tried to “mute” it
* Learning to stay in a closet is so easy, but there’s no way she’s doing it
* A lot of us are starring in a role and following a script!

Connect With Raechel

Raechel Anderson is a certified professional coach, speaker, author, and trainer, who works with amazing, radiant, Truth-seeking souls, who so strongly desire to connect WHO they are with WHAT they do, that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get out of their own way so they can confidently play BIG and achieve success. She’s the Founder and Owner of Radiant Expressions, Inc., which houses her three 6-figure brands: The Sparkling Bride, SuperCharge Your Coaching, and Raechel Anderson.
She is also one of the owners of The Dynamo Developers, an initiative she founded with her friend and fellow high-achiever, Jen Andersen. (Yes, I know she spells her name wrong; I tell her all the time.) Together they help fun-loving, heart-centered high-achievers attract abundance with fun and flow!

Raechel attended DePaul University Law School and has a Masters in Business Administration from Northern Illinois University. Raechel’s coach training was done through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), from which she received the designations of Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and COR.E Dynamics Performance Specialist. She is accredited through the International Coaching Federation, as a PCC with over 2,500 of coaching hours, and has served on the Executive Committee in her local ICF chapter. Raechel has worked as a Trainer and Program Director for iPEC and is also a ICF Mentor Coach. Raechel participates on a speaker’s circuit for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), as she draws on her own personal experiences when she speaks and relates to a variety of audiences.

Raechel lives in the Chicagoland area and is married to her best friend, Peter. They warm their home with two yellow labs, Sirius & Gracie, and a sassy black cat, named Barrett.

The Dynamo Developers
The Sparkling Bride 


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