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422: Uncloseting a major life injury to live your best life – Tyler Schrenk

A golf game, a dare, and a life changing event that brought Tyler Schrenck out of a closet of his life that he never saw coming. From got it all going on,  living an easy life with not a lot of intention, to suddenly having to depend on a group of people for his basic life necessities, Tyler shares how his closets helped him understand what was really the important stuff in life.

About Tyler

Tyler Schrenk, based outside of Seattle, Washington, is the President of the TSF Foundation and the owner of Assistive Tech Consulting. Through both his business and non-profit organization, Tyler works to provide individuals with disabilities the technology they need to live a fuller, more independent life. Unlike many other assistive technology providers, Tyler Schrenk understands what the challenges people with disabilities face because he himself needs and uses the same technology he provides them.

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