468 – Bisexual or Pansexual or What Does It Matter – Fabian Luetzig

Sometimes it’s not clear where you land on the sexuality spectrum. It my even gradually present itself to you in a manner that isn’t a big reveal. For some people it truly is a gradual awareness that this is who I am, and I don’t fit into any particular box or letter of the LGBTQIA alphabet, but they no for sure they aren’t 100% heterosexual.

Today we explore the world of bisexuality and pansexuality as we celebrate another beautiful aspect of being out and proud as you are in your own way with Fabian Luetzig.

About Fabian

For the longest time, Fabian had no idea that he was part of the LGBTQ community. Six years
into an amazing marriage and… surprise! Four years later he’s here to tell you that a mixed-
orientation marriage can work – with a lot of patience, humility and soul-baring. He’s still
learning to claim and communicate the label ‘bisexual’.

In his professional life, Fabian is a professional leadership development coach certified by the
International Coach Federation. He coaches young and emerging leaders as well as senior
managers on the cusp of breaking into the executive level. Fabian is a coach training facilitator
for Erickson Coaching International. Fabian regularly hosts ‘Erickson Live – Coaching
Conversations That Ignite’ and more occasionally his personal podcast ‘The Global Campfire of
Coaching’. He also facilitates trainings for top-tier international organizations such as the
United Nations. Check out his TEDx talk ‘Surfing With Robots – How to master any job transition
authentically’. Get in touch if you are interested in group coaching programs aimed specifically
at folks who identify as bisexual, pansexual et al. and we’ll make something happen!

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