500: Celebrating Living A No Excuses, No Fears, No Apologies Life – Rick Clemons

In 2014 when my friend Leah Jantzen approached me to take over her radio show – I scoffed and said, “Not my thing!” Well, it’s very much my thing and here we are at the 500th Episode of Life (UN)Closeted. What started as an Internet radio show known as The Coming Out Lounge, has now become one of my greatest joys. A place where guiding and inspiring people to come out of the closets of their lives, fills my soul with joy. Today, I want to celebrate by taking you on a journey, of how you, yes you, can dump your excuses, face your fears, and live your unapologetic life. Today, I celebrate you and the 500th Episode and from the bottom of my heart I think you for being a listener. Hope this episode gives you inspiration to step out, step up, and step into living your uncloseted and unapologetic life.

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  1. David on 01/15/2022 at 6:45 AM

    Thank you so much for these podcast. I’m new to your podcast, and at 60 years old I’m a very late bloomer. After listening to episode 500, I decided to listen to episode one. I was in tears (I cry easily lol) by the end of the episode. You’re podcast will be my morning coffee companion for the next 500 days and more.

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