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313: Conscious Awakening Through The Eyes of Children – Andrew Newman

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. How many times have you heard those words said to you when you were a child, by your parent. Or, how often have you said that to your own child? But, in this day and age, with the wisdom of consciousness, mindfulness, and being present and being WOKE is becoming second nature on so many fronts. So what might happen if our children were groomed at the deepest levels to be conscious awakened warriors? How different might the world be?

Through a chance meeting at World Domination Summit 5 years ago, a very conscious and whimsical guy made his way into my life. A poet, writer, healer, and active practitioner of mindfulness, who is a bundle of energy that sparks the light in even the most doubtful of the doubters. Andrew Newman, known as the Conscious Bedtime Stories guy, is on a BOLD quest to help parents and children connect at the deepest levels, with his books and activities in order to change the world, one bedtime story at a time. He’s bringing conscious living out of the closet and into your children’s lives, and this his Life (UN)Closeted story.

Show Highlights

* He see’s life this way and guides him
* When we become the Captain of our childhood energy we are able to do this
* At 28 he decided that being a 4th generation jeweler wasn’t for him…why not?
* Quote: My internal language becomes your internal language
* Discover his secret about the last 20 minutes of the day

About Andrew

Andrew Newman is the award-winning author and founder of Conscious Bedtime Stories, a growing series of bedtime stories purpose-built to support parent-child connection in the last 20 minutes of the day. His professional background includes deep training in therapeutic healing work and mindfulness. He brings a calm yet playful energy to speaking events and workshops, inviting and encouraging the creativity of his audiences, children K-5, parents, and teachers alike.
Andrew has been an opening speaker for Deepak Chopra, a Tedx presenter in Findhorn, Scotland, keynote speaker at Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline Conference and author-in-residence at the Bixby School in Boulder, Colorado. He is a graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a Non-Dual Kabbalistic healer and has been actively involved in men’s work through the Mankind Project since 2006. He counsels parents, helping them to return to their center, so they can be more deeply present with their kids.

Connect With Andrew

Andrews Forthcoming Books

If you like what you hear, please consider contributing to Andrews Kickstarter Campaign for hew tow newest books listed below.

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We are Circle People – Helping children find connection and belonging in the modern-day village.

A mysterious visitor from a far away place arrives in the Square Village, bringing long forgotten wisdom and weaving beautiful healing melodies. Follow the visitor’s adventures through dreamland and fire as the Square People rediscover their connection, softness, and happiness.

The Girl With Waterfall Eyes – Helping children to see the special essence of themselves and another.

A dreamlike, fantasy tale of a young girl who walks on the earth, spreading light and happiness through her eyes. When night comes she loses her balance and falls off the planet, tumbling through the universe, past black holes and galaxies,

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