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303: Coming Out To Create a Gender Revolution – Ann Travers

Imagine being a boy forced to attend school dressed in a girls’ uniform. Imagine being a girl banned from the girls’ bathroom and too afraid to “go” in a stall surrounded by boys. Imagine being asked, again and again, by other kids, “Are you a boy or a girl?” Imagine having your deepest sense of self refuted by adults in authority. Imagine the routine stress of being a transgender kid.

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. The political climate and social constructs are being tested more than ever around sexuality and gender identity, and it seems that transgender youth are caught in the crosshairs with a target on their back. And, if you are a parent of one of these gender non-conforming individuals, your struggles are just as great as theirs. The how do you dance the dance, juggle your emotions and feelings as well as your child’s, in order to create a supportive and loving environment for them to be who they are in the world?

Joining us today is Ann Travers, author of THE TRANS GENERATION: How Trans Kids (and Their Parents) Are Creating a Gender Revolution. In this riveting exploration, Ann offers rare insights into the everyday facts of life for a trans boy, a trans girl, or a gender fluid child in a world of rigid gender divisions and expectations.

Show Highlights

* Kids are kids and don’t need to be separated by gender
* Gender difference is not natural
* Girls and women are never going to get it sexually right, no matter how hard they try
* When kids learn about sexuality, body parts, and sex, in a healthy way, it makes the world a better place
* Gays, lesbians, trans only exist. They do no threaten the heteronormative.

About Ann

Ann Travers, a parent and a transgender person (whose personal pronoun preference is “they/their/them”) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Simon Fraser University, where they combine rigorous research with advocacy and empathy. They live in Vancouver with their partner, their kids, and a dog named Thunder.

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