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309: Uncloseting the Artist Within – Blake Jamieson

This is one of those, I knew him when moments. I knew him when he was trying to find himself. I knew him when he helped me with my social media. I knew him when he was in dark times. I knew him when I saw him come blazing out of his closet to do some insane shit. And now I know him as an artist who is bringing his street smarts, cool take on graffiti, and turning himself into a force to be reckoned with on the art scene.

Blake Jamieson is a friend, soulful man, deep thinker, proud uncle, and a guy who never stops uncloseting himself so that he can make the big bold moves he needs to make in his life to live life on his terms. His paintings take your breath away and make you think – “How does he do that?” And that’s exactly what we will explore today with the art of Blake Jamieson!

Show Highlights

* Find out what he kept telling himself about a career in art
* His honest truth hit him at age 30. Discover what it was
* A chance encounter in Las Vegas changed everything
* He’s not fearless but he’s…(listen and learn)
* Quote: “If I’m doing things I’ve already done I’m not stretching or growing!”

About Blake

Blake Jamieson is ex-digital marketer turned pop portrait artist. Blake has painted portraits for celebrities including Howie Mandel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Joe Montana, and 60 NFL players. Blake is currently moving from Marin County (just north of San Francisco) to New York, where he will be building a new studio.

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