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265: Uncloseted Passion – Carey Smolensky

What is my passion? Why do I struggle to follow mine? Is passion necessary for me to have a happy life? These are all questions that most of us ask ourselves each and every day in the pursuit of passion and purpose. But what do you do when you find passion elusive? You make it your passion and pursue it…well with passion.

Or, you follow a guy by the name of Carey Smolensky, author of Living Life With PASSION and Helping Others. He’s a dynamic businessman, event producer, multi-faceted entertainer, and entrepreneur who is constantly challenging himself to make a difference in the lives of others. He’s uncloseting his passion, and making a bold move this April as he brings The Passion Summit to the world, May 7-8, in Chicago. This is just one of his passionate bold moves to help himself and others live their life uncloseted…and this is his story.

Show Highlights

* To find your passion find these people
* Only you can keep yourself from feeling this
* Carey shares what you and a thoroughbred have in common
* Don’t let job, career, calling lead you to your passion…shake it up
* He shares what he believes about failure…it just might surprise you

About Carey

Carey Smolensky is a man who truly cares about making a difference in the lives of others. A Husband, Father, dynamic Businessman and Entrepreneur,Carey Smolensky was born in Chicago, Illinois and began his family of companies while in high school. A graduate of Loyola University of Chicago with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Carey has received numerous local, national, and international awards for entertainment and event production. ThroughCarey’s events, collaboration with top thought leaders, and partnerships with impactful businesses and charities, Carey has impacted the lives of countless people. He believes that evolution is the key to innovation and is constantly evolving both personally and professionally to continually live his life with passion. Carey is a founding board member of Front Row Foundation, an organization that sponsors recipients who are battling life-threatening illnesses by bringing them to the live event of their dreams in the “Front Row” and Founder of A Warmer Winter, supported by Carey Smolensky Productions, providing food, clothing and hugs to Chicago’s homeless community. Carey focuses on helping others in everything he does. He lives every day with passion, and positively impacts the lives of anyone who crosses his path.

About The Passion Summit 

The Passion Summit is for those who want to live life, see life, do life with more passion & purpose.

Two days that will forever change your life as we explore individual and group passions, create a supportive global community and learn to live life to its fullest while giving back to others. This summit will bring you world class speakers, impactful content, a networking costume party you will not want to miss, a passion village to entice the senses both personally and professionally, bonding together while helping others, and building lifelong relationships. This is not just an event, but a springboard to you living your life with more passion, purpose, and fulfillment than you ever thought possible.

Free Offering:
-$350 discount code for attending The Passion Summit (May 7-8, 2018) use promo code: BOLDMOVES

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