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379: (UN)Closeting The Fierce Within – Carolyn Colleen

Abuse. Entrapment. Feeling trapped in life. No way out. Not even a possibility of feeling Beyonce’ FIERCE. All of these feelings and life situations leads you to a point of being downtrodden, scared and ragged victim, standing in a food line at the Salvation Army. Who would have thought that your own fierce drive would lead you out of this space to being a confident and successful person living a happy life you felt you never deserved…until you became FIERCE in your own right.

Carolyn Collen, today’s guest, kicked her life into high gear once she realized it was either come out of the closet of abuse, or sit in the belief that there was no other way out of the life of entrapment. Her story covers all the elements of facing her fears, making a bold move, and learning to stop apologizing for the life she was living. The outcome – a FIERCE woman with a FIERCE intention to help others ignite their inner ferocity to create the life they deserve.

About Carolyn

Carolyn Colleen (Bostrack) was born and raised in the Midwestern United States. Carolyn’s life story is one of personal and professional transformation. From standing in a food line at the Salvation Army, to PhD, Carolyn’s life purpose is to provide hope and inspire people to move from fear into focus. Carolyn is a passionate about being a great mom of 3, living life on purpose, and building sustainable programs for quality cancer care as the program manager of a Midwestern cancer center

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