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361: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – Uncloseting Confusion, Courage, Commitment

What happens when you get stuck in fear, don’t do the thing you most want to do, and you find yourself continuing to apologize for your life? If you are like most of us, you wallow in confusion and don’t get shit done! You freeze, might get angry with yourself, and then either start going deeper in your fears, or pretending everything is ok. Yet, it’s not OK, and you’re not OK! That really sucks, right?

Here’s three things you can do to step out of fear, make your bold move, and live life without apologies by exploring confusion, building courage, and committing to do the thing you most want to do in life.

Quick Question For You

Are you tired of being afraid, not doing what you say you’re going to do, and sick of apologizing for your life? Well maybe it’s time you made a bold move and gave yourself permission to fix all that.

Problem is, most of us freeze up out of fear and don’t make those bold moves we say we’re going to make. Here’s a little tool to help you break through and discover what you can do when you give yourself permission to make your bold move. Take The Quiz!


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