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Coming Out Without Coming Unglued – Part 2: Religion, Faith, and God

One of the greatest weapons against the LGBTQ community is the weapon of faith and God. Combine that with the threat of going to hell and you have a mind blowing experience that has been used for years in the realms of conversation therapy. For others it’s a conflict, of “Do I love God or do I love myself?” The answer to that question is, “Yes and Yes!”

You can love God and love yourself, provided you give yourself the space to come to grips with God is love and love is love.

About Rick
Rick’s a culture disruptor (shakes up the status quo), closet buster (shatters silly beliefs), and a bold move expert (like Superman without the muscles and cape). His superpower is guiding closet dwellers – which is every human – to break free of fear, make bold moves, and live life without apology.

Everything Rick’s discovered about living life his way, he learned from coming out of the closet at 36, getting laid off from two sweet corporate jobs, and making the crazy decision to become an entrepreneur at age 43. Rick’s book – Frankly My Dear I’m Gay, podcasts – Life (UN)Closeted and 40 Plus: Real Men, Real Talk, his coming out coaching practice, in-your-face keynotes, and experiential workshops represent his no b.s. approach for making bold moves, no excuses, no fears, no apologies

He was put on this earth to remind people that closets are for clothes not living. He’s a husband to his husband, survived raising two girls—thus, the reason he’s bald—and will gladly work for wine, but prefers money to pay for things like toilet paper and ice cream.

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