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376: (UN)Closeting Race, Sex, Race Play and Fetishes – Daniel Armando

Race. There’s not a headline in the news today that deal with some form of race relations. But what happens when Race Play – a form of fetish play – goes awry? Many things that actually evoke feelings, insights, and characteristics that make you want to go “Hmmmm,” and wonder is this why America and possibly the world  is sliding backwards to some degrees in racial equality. Is it the human desire to be the master, purist race driven by sexual overtones? Is it simply carnal control? Or is it some sadistic nature coming out of the closet cloaked in the term Race Play, only to lead to eliminating any race other than white culture.

Former Guest and filmmaker, Daniel Armando bring this provocative and disturbing storyline to life. But are you brave enough to go explore the film? Today we talk, the gripping storyline that made Daniel question his own self, and the discomfort this art house Indie film brought upon him as an out Latino gay man. From fetish play to reality of moving beyond 50 Shades of Grey, we uncover the alluring and yet dangerous world that fetishes gone full detour can arouse, in all the wrong ways!

About Daniel

Daniel Armando (Executive Producer at Novo Novus Productions) is an award-winning filmmaker and producer raised in California now residing in New York City.  He has produced five micro-budget indie films, including DADDY’S BOY (Official Selection Cinequest Film Festival), WHAT IT WAS (Official Selection HBO Urbanworld, Outfest, NewFest, and Frameline film festivals), THE BREEDING (Winner, Best Feature, Harlem Int’l Film Festival), and BWOY (starring RENT & STAR TREK: DISCOVERY’S Anthony Rapp).

His first project, the short BOYS LIKE YOU, won him “Best Short” at the 2011 North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. He was also the co-Executive Producer of the award-winning stageplay REFLECTIONS IN A DITCH (winner, Best Play, New York Theatre Festival). He is graduate of the American Musical & Dramatic Academy and as a performer starred in the international tour of FAME: THE MUSICAL.

About The Breeding

A sexually-charged thriller from the award-winning creative team at Novo Novus Productions. Directed by Daniel Armando and written by Dane Harrington Joseph, David J. Cork, Marcus Bellamy, and Joe MacDougall star in THE BREEDING.
The Breeding (2018) is an erotic thriller about a young artist whose obsession with a taboo fetish leads to life-altering consequences. The story centers on discontented, sex-positive queer cartoonist Thomas, whose artistic inspiration comes from erotic escapades that are unbeknownst to his loving boyfriend, Amadi. A chance restroom encounter with a recently divorced financier named Lee leaves Thomas curious about exploring the taboo fetish of “race play.” But when the game gets too real, chilling actions are taken that will forever change the trajectory of these men’s lives.

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