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347: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – Disrupting and Not Believing In The Norm


I’m a disruptor. I’m also a believer in there is no “NORMAL.” But that’s me, and quite a few of my coaching clients, and other people that tend to hang out in my circle. We disrupt, we don’t see anything as normal, and we tend to us both those energies to continue to kick ass and take names in the world – in a good way. Today I’m challenging and inviting you to step up and become a disruptor (which you already are in your own way), and to quit living in the shadow of norms (which you already do but you may not see the power of what you are doing). It’s all about using the formula
Disruption + No Norms = (Fill In The Blank)

Catch you in the disruption of playing outside the norms!

Full Blog Post – 10 Brutally Honest, Non-Scientific, No Guru Needed, Ways To Get Your Shit Together.


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