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263: Three words that change your life – Emily D. Baker, Esq.

Waterpolo, Law, and plans…nothing is as it seems. But what’s the deal with plans…why are they so damn important…or not? Maybe because we think if we have them, we don’t ever have to make a decision again, until you realize that you chose a job, but not a life.
From bad ass to bad life, trapped by your dream job and everything in between, Emily Baker Esq. discovered that to sparkle, shine, and be a bad ass, meant realizing, you just gotta follow your words…three words, and go do you the way you are meant to in life!

She brings it all to this episode of Life Uncloseted and even tells a little tattle tell on someone close to her in her life that she’s never shared before. A perfect example of living your life uncloseted.

Show Highlights

* Big boobs do not give you a license to be abusive and bully someone
* Quote: Pick a life that is authentically you
* Why did she begin to play boys water polo…the answer will surprise and make sense
* What caused her to feel unsafe in her body?
* What’s what the one thing that the silent

About Emily

Emily has been a practicing attorney for 11 years, most of that was spent as a Los Angeles County District Attorney. After illness and injury Emily realized that she needed something different in her life and In 2017 she became the CEO of her life and founder of Ask A Lawyer Now.  Ask A Lawyer Now provides affordable legal guidance and strategy when you need it. Emily is also a business consultant helping online entrepreneurs create a business with a solid legal foundation and streamlined systems.
Serving in the online space was particularly appealing to Emily because she is a giant tech nerd and avid biohacker. Fun fact, Emily is one of the first 80 Certified Bulletproof Coaches in the world and puts butter in her coffee every morning. This unique experience and knowledge makes Emily a sought after contributor and speaker. Emily is a TedX speak and has been featured various media outlets including; The Good Life Dr. Oz Magazine, Woman’s World Magazine,

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