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Episode 023: Dating With Dignity with Marni Battista

You’ve been waiting to come out. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are in high gear.
Possibly, you’ve been experimenting with same sex encounters, but you wouldn’t necessarily consider it dating.

Finally, you’ve said the words, “I’m gay,” and now it’s time to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right. Let the dating games begin.

Known as one the country’s top dating coaches, hailed as LA’s Leading Dating Expert by Ryan Seacrest, Marni Battista is here to lovingly tell it like it is so that you can get Date With Dignity.

* Stop asking the wrong questions about dating and looking for the easy answers
* Uncover the story you’re telling yourself that’s preventing you from dating bliss
* Discover your choice points and how to map out a clear dating path for happiness and love

Marni’s going to show you the beauty of taking responsibility for your own dating dilemma’s and growing from them.

Highlights form the show included…

* Tweetable: It’s more lonely to be in bed with someone you are right for than to be alone.
* Discover how to overcome your pre-adolescent thinking while standing in your adult dating body
* Tweetable: Break out of your child need and into your adult desire
* Uncover the manimals and how they relate to LGBT dating
* Three things that are needed to consider someone true dating and mating material.

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