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Episode 025: Honoring Your Original Impulse To Creatively Come Out – Cynthia Morris

Cynthia Morris believes everyone needs to liberate his or her creative genius and come out!

Doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, a writer, artist, entrepreneur, you need to follow your original impulse to turn your dreams into exiting realities – even if that exciting reality means saying, “I’m gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender!”

Thus, the reason I wanted to share her with my world, you my podcast listeners. I believe there is a direct connection between your sexual self, creative self, and your soul. They all play nicely in the sandbox of our life when we allow them too.

Here’s what’s in store for you today on The Coming Out Lounge

* Unravel the beautiful connection between coming out and creativity
* Identify how to use creative endeavors to ease the stress of big life changes
* Examine how similar the parallels of coming out as an author, artist, entrepreneur are to coming out to be your sexual self

It’s time to put on your creative genius, even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body, and step into the world of your original impulses with author of Chasing Sylvia Beach and Create Your Writer’s Life, Cynthia Morris!

Show Highlights

* What does it mean to say, “I am…”
* The difference in what being gay means to me vs. what it means to the world
* There’s a spiritual practice of polishing ourselves
* What exactly do you do with air in your hair?
* Discover how free writing can release you into your coming out with less stress
* Writing is an act of love, just like coming out is an act of love

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