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Episode 026: Perfect As You Are – Mark Anthony Lord

What would it feel like to be an empowered LGBT person, awakened to your truth, knowing that you are perfect, just as you are. Truth is, you already are.
This week, the Coming Out Lounge is focused on providing you with tools to transform, give you the support you need to make positive changes, and provide pathways to connecting you with a global community of like-minded LGBTA people who are on the same path of personal growth, celebration, and consciousness as yourself
Mark Anthony Lord is an author, minister, LGBT inspirational leader, counselor, and a gay man who has spent over two decades doing what it takes to free himself from the chains of self-rejection around being gay to the absolute knowing that being gay is a gift. He is the founder of the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago and the creator and host of The Global Pride Summit.

During this powerful conversation, Mark will guide you to find the means to…

* Grow in self-love and acceptance
* Surrender any remnants of old or current beliefs that you are not enough, or flawed because of being LGBT
* Ignite courage to stand strong in who you are here to be
* Know you are never alone – you belong, and you matter!

Additionally, we’ll take an insiders view of why he created The Global Pride Summit and the three powerful premises it was built upon that support all of us in our LGBT journey on planet earth!

* The LGBT world is a perfect, necessary part of humanity.
* Inherent within all LGBT people is the freedom, personal power, love and acceptance that they are seeking.
* We need each other. In coming together we can and will create a greater world for ourselves, each other, and the world.

Show Highlights

* Discover the one thing no one teaches about being gay and spiritual
* Spirituality is (Fill In The Blank)
* Our body and are thoughts are not…
* Learn how sexuality is a non-negotiable
* Uncover the mystery of woundology
* Find out who the damn, coolest, dude in the world is

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