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Episode 027: How To Be A Thoughtful Gay Man – Josh Hersh

One Question!

Are you the gay man that wants more community and who’s ready to experience gay culture in a way that is free from the stereotypes that corporations, media, and money have told us who to be?

Maybe you feel like it’s time to draw aline in the sand and become the community we desire instead of the community everyone expects us to be.

Enter Josh Hersh, founder of Thoughtful Gay Man. A third space he’s created to celebrate and embrace the physical part of our being as gay men, but also a beautiful space where we see, act and be ourselves as spiritual beings. A stronger gay community that we build, not just for ourselves, but for future generations of gay men.

Josh invites gay men to bond together, in community, to pursue vulnerability, authentic connections, forgiveness, and justice. To create spaces for gay men to trust one another again. To revive and breathe new life into seeing each other as brothers instead of rivals. To choose to love one another even when we disagree.

During today’s podcast we will explore the virtues of becoming a Thoughtful Gay Men…

* Who create space for genuine community, connection, and belonging to blossom.
* Who shape and influence gay culture in powerful and positive ways.
* See our self and others as both spiritual and physical beings.
* Dedicated to leaving the gay community better for future generations of gay men.
* Determined to confront racism, classism, ageism, and other forms of prejudice, discrimination, and belittling with an approach of grace and love.
* Who treat gay men and all people with the dignity, kindness, and the respect they deserve.
* Wholeheartedly practice vulnerability, forgiveness, and authenticity in friendships and romantic relationships.
* Encouraging and challenging ourselves and others to grow in every area of life. This includes honest self-reflection and personal growth.

Show Highlights

* Community has a magical power to rid this disease – ISOLATION
* Learn how to quit living in the surface level, surfing through life
* Your purpose can shift through your life…it really can
* Tweetable: I don’t need you to like me
* Three key component to being a thoughtful gay man – respect, graciousness, and contribution

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