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Episode 028: What’s Marriage Got To Do With It? – Midge Noble

Gay marriage is a reality. It’s now become the fabric of our lives in 37 states and 18 countries across the globe.

For those who are young and just venturing into the world of LGBT dating and mating, these are momentous times. Life without the freedom to marry as a same sex couple is almost an archaic thought, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have miles of equality yet to go.

For those of us who’ve been around the LGBT movement for the better part of our lives, you know us Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers, the right to marry was something we actually never thought we’d see in our lifetime…yet here it is becoming a reality…in our lifetime.
On today’s episode I’m joined by a returning guest, Midge Noble, hailing form Asheboro, North Carolina who works as a child and family therapist, who believes that any trauma can be overcome by choosing happiness, and by choosing to be a survivor and not a victim. No truer words could have been uttered in the fight for marriage equality. We’re no longer victimized by the thought of never having marriage equality, we’re surviving and thriving as married same-sex couples.

Here’s what’s in store on today’s podcast:

* Gay marriage and long-term relationships are put under the microscope of “Why get married now?”
* In our own words we’ll share “What’s love really got to do with it?”
* Examine the gay culture pressure to get married – is it really for everyone?
* Uncover the keys for a rich, long-term, relationship – married or otherwise
* Learn the missing piece that some forget to incorporate into their relationships – spirituality

Show Highlights…

* Why do dogs get depressed about marriage?
* Sanctity of marriage really means…I count
* Muffin tops and marriage…Where’s the coffee?
* To be or not to be, that is the question

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