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Episode 031: Coming Out: The Performance Of A Lifetime – Dan Cordle

Lights, Camera, Action…
You’re ready for your close-up, and to come out!

What do acting, an NYU Graduate Acting Program professor, and an on-camera performance have to do with coming out? Well, you’ll just have to see what we’ve scripted for the Coming Out Lounge this week. You won’t be disappointed in this show…pun intended!

Don’t get me wrong, Coming Out is not an act. It’s the most authentic performance, or one of the most authentic performances you’ll ever do. From walking on pins and needles, trembling in your skin, to a quaver in your voice, actin, and preparing to share your beautiful self with family, friends, acquaintances – coming out of the closet. It can be as nerve racking as being on stage or in front of the camera for the world to see and critique.

Enter stage right, my friend Dan Cordle. He’s one cool cucumber under pressure – on stage, in front of and behind the camera. That’s exactly why I invited him to share his insights of keeping it cool under the spotlight…the same way you’ll need to keep it cool under the spotlight of Coming Out.

We’re going to share with you 9 Steps To Getting Comfortable In The Discomfort Of Coming Out. Yep, we’re going to tap Dan’s brilliance as a stage and screen veteran to help you access your inner Meryl Streep to give an Oscar winning performance as you come out, that is no performance. It’s simply you being you…the you, you’ve always been.

Show Highlights

* The true self comes from understanding what I am feeling and this is where I am
* Passion enables your heart to give expression to everything you do
* Coming out is a celebration of your curiosity
* There is a rehearsal aspect to coming out…but you don’t have to get it right
* Coming out is about becoming comfortable with ourselves

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