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Episode 039: The Shock, Awe, & Healing With My Gay Dad – Suzanne Phare

It’s one thing to come out of the closet. It’s a whole other journey when you’re Dad comes out to you and then tells you shortly there after, “I’m HIV+!” Welcome to Suzanne Phare’s life! A life that turned her formative and teen years into an expedition of SHOCK, AWE, & HEALING!

Truth is, parent child relationships are never easy. Yet, with time, in a “normal” relationship, as if there is a norm, we find the pathway to make our relationships work as best they can, or thrive. During today’s podcast, Suzanne shares the journey she took with her gay Dad and within herself to begin to make peace with the news, “Frankly my child I’m gay and HIV+.” This warm and heart wrenching episode is tissue worthy so grab your box of tissues and get ready to dive into the soul-centered world of living your truth as a child of a gay parent!

Show Highlights

* Coming to terms with how to be with your gay parent who’s also HIV+
* Discover why a parents journey has a humongous impact on one’s own ability to be intimate
* Secrets and truths: how to live with them and hide them
* There’s two choices we all have when chaos shows up
* Learn how to get comfortable with yourself as a child of a gay parent

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