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Episode 041: Gay Man, Married To A Woman – Mixed Orientation Marriages That Work – Cody Shirley

Guilt, shame, and your truth. Gnawing, eating away at you until you finally test the waters to see what happens. What you end up discovering is, “You kissed a man and you liked it!”
But how do you face your wife and tell her you’re a not the man she thinks you are because you’re attracted to men?

* Do you continue to live a secret life of lying, deceit, guilt, and shame?
* More importantly do you allow your double life you alive, potentially destroying your wife and children?

Suddenly the obvious becomes the choice. You choose the lesser of two evils and fess up about your emotions, desires, and truth…even if it does lead to your wife calling you a “butt pirate!”

Less than a year into his journey as a man exploring his sexual orientation, Cody Shirley has come out to all of his family and friends to say, “I’m a guy and I like having sexual experiences with guys, but I also love the emotional connection I have with my wife.” So how does this work? Is he gay, bisexual, or just exploring his sexual desires? You’ll have to tune in to find out the real story and the real life of a man living in a Mixed Orientation Marriage!

What we discover in this week’s episode of the Coming Out Lounge is that sexuality and sexual orientation have more than 50 shades of grey and they’re aren’t always a simple as gay, bisexual, or heterosexual. During our chat Cody shares his truth, his journey, and his deep intimate desire to be authentically who he is for himself, his wife, their children and society. It might just surprise you that what you hear may make you wonder…”Who am I, and what closet do I need to come out of?”

Show Highlights

* Learn the truth about honesty and secrecy – something you may not have heard before
* What’s hurt isn’t what you think when your husband comes out as gay
* Tweetable: We marry people, we don’t marry genders!
* This is one gay man who hasn’t been judged and ridiculed by a group of people you would most expect it from
* Discover the two things he wishes his wife could sprout
* Guess who he’s gotten the most hateful, out-lashings from? The answer will surprise you!

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