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Episode 042: Rocketships, Marriage, & My Life As A Transgender Female – Michelle Evans

What happens when you arrive into this world, fully human, nothing that from the outside looks unusual, yet, on the inside there’s still “some assembly required?” You start going through life, knowing that something just isn’t quite right but you live as if everything is o.k.

Military life, working in the aerospace industry, does nothing to mask the truth of what you’re feeling inside. Then, one day you meet a special person. A person who on your first date you tell your most deepest, darkest secret too. A secret that practically puts you in the grave and out of this human experience. Then one day, this beautiful woman comes to your rescue, saves you from removing yourself from the world, and before you know it (so to speak) you finally arrive into this world as the person you’ve always meant to be…a woman…not a man.

During this episode of the Coming Out Lounge, my fellow PFLAG Speaker, all around beautiful light in this world, and friend Michelle Evans shares her journey to the moon and back to find herself. You might even discover why rocket ships mean so much to this beautiful from the inside out woman.

Show Highlights

* Discover what it like to go through puberty backwards
* Hear a beautiful love story that is timeless and why you always marry your best friend
* Why do public restrooms really matter
* Dreams tell the truth about who you really are

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