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Episode 043: Gay Masks We Wear And Crosses We Bear – Lisa Mohl Kaplin

It’s been said, “We’ve all got crosses to bear!” Coming out as gay, job loss, relationship breakups, dead car batteries, losing a loved one – each in it’s own right – a cross to bear as part of life. Then on the other had, we all have masks we hide behind.  Masks that keep people from seeing our vulnerabilities, our truths, our pain. In essence we’re all more similar than we are different. Yet, when we peruse the landscape of the LGBT community and their struggle to be accepted in society, you can’t help but see the parallels, the connected dots, that align with women being made to feel inferior.

* Not pretty enough
* Not skinny enough
* Not smart enough

Not, not, not! All those NOT’S lead to a whole lot of time lost in our lives and accumulating loads of unhappiness. But it doesn’t have to be that way, regardless of your gender, sexuality, or societal standing.

Today I’m joined by Lisa Kaplin is a psychologist and life coach at Smart Women Inspired Lives. Her goal in life is to help women get happy, get motivated, and get moving in ways they hadn’t thought possible. The two of us put our heads together to chat about the parallels of LGBT life and the struggles that women face in society. In other words, this gay man and this heterosexual woman are both putting on our heels and calling out our inner diva’s to go kick some booty about life, love, and false beliefs that we’re not good enough.

Lisa is a professional speaker on topics such as stress management, parenting, healthy communication, wellness, and women’s leadership. She is also a blogger and has been featured on Yahoo, Thought Catalog, MSN, Lifetime Moms, Your Tango, and Psychology Today. She is a married mother of three and a joyful dog owner.

Show Highlights

* How to come out of your “pretty face, mom face” closet
* Tweetable: Are you really pleasing anyone if you’re unhappy?
* Discover the big question about children that just may make you think twice about living in the closet
* Are you ready to pay yourself a dollar for every time you say these words?
* The stories you tell yourself are more fiction than truth

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