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Episode 045: It’s Time For a Gay Bad Boy/Girl Breakthrough – Lorna Poole

Now that you’re coming out of the closet, do you find yourself always dating the wrong person and being in the wrong gay relationship?

Finding it difficult to let go of the Mr. or Ms. Wrong?

Maybe it’s time to start dating from the heart and listening to the obstacles that are right in front of you leaving you clues about what you keep doing wrong in your dating life.
Today on the Coming Out Lounge podcast, we’re joined by Lorna Poole who is an Expert Relationship Coach, Professional Speaker, Founder and CEO of Badboy Breakthrough. Yes we’re going to get right to the heart and talk about those repeating patterns of always finding yourself with the bad boy or girl and making yourself miserable.

Her expertise is shared with men and women across the globe, so I thought, why not invite her to share her expertise with LGBT individuals across the globe so you can break the habits attract the right guy or gal into your lives.
Lorna has been featured on YourTango, Eharmony USA, Today FM, and Newstalk, Ireland.

Show Highlights

* Learn the three types of people you can date
* People date from fear of being lonely instead of being excited to just date and explore
* The only thing to do with the wrong guy or girl is to????
* Discover the thing you have to be to attract a quality person yourself

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