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Episode 047: Coming Out & Coming Into Your Gay Self – Adam Martin

What do you do when you find yourself struggling to assimilate into the way the gay world is? Fight it? Run from it? In Adam’s case, he took his background as in sexual health education and counseling to support his devotion to help individuals heal and accept their highest potential in all areas of life including sex and sexuality.

Adam uses his skills to model intimacy and mentor sexual expression,  in a nonjudgmental and nurturing environment to help individuals explore neglected issues or to simply learn new tricks to enhance their sexuality

Supporting everything from men who had never been naked with another man, assisting psychologists in harmonizing mind with body, and demonstrating to couples how to more pleasurably bottom, top, and beyond, Adam takes his work very seriously to help individuals stop feeling threatened by sex and to make discussions and actions around sex a non-issue.

Today we explore his world as sex coach, mentor, and sex worker and how his own life has been beautifully enhanced in the service to others.

Show Highlights

* My entire understanding of the universe changed when I came out and discovered my sexuality
* AIDS Orphan work to Erotic Massage led to a fuller, freer life
* As people were afraid to be seen because we are afraid of our selves
* In order to talk about sex, intimacy and love you have to start a dialogue with yourself first
* Do everything you can to know yourself

This just in…
Adam’s take on the RentBoy raid in Manhattan. Should sex work, once and for all be legalized? Was this really fair or was it discriminatory towards the gay/bisexual community…you be the judge!
Response to the Raid and Shutdown of

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