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Episode 199: Never Let A Narcissist Keep You Closeted – Chris Hyde

So what is the difference between self-love and being an arrogant asshole. A lot! It’s just one small step to the right when you move from self-love to conceit and narcissist.
From gas lighting to fake love, we’re exploring how narcissists have a deep effect on our coming out journey’s. In today’s episode we go deep into some scary and interesting territories as we learn how to uncloset yourself from the narcissists in your life who try to make you believe you are the crazy one. Chris Hyde, a former heterosexual trying to avoid his homosexual truth finally came the realization that ex-gay therapy, praying the gay away, and narcissism do not make you straight. Buckle up and get ready to take a ride on the wild side of mental well being and stepping away from the external narcissists and possibly even your own internal narcissist.

Show Highlights

* What can happen when you are the spouse of a narcissist
* If you keep walking further into the forest, it’s a long way to get out!
* This guest now lives in a way according to who he is – no matter what
* The turning point was deciding he didn’t want to be placed in a box anymore
* Chris admits he would have come out much sooner, if he just had this one thing…

Connect with Chris Hyde

Chris Hyde is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and Talbot School of Theology. As a pastor, he served churches in Topeka, KS as well as several churches in the Pacific Northwest. Chris is now a Certified Professional Life Coach who helps people to develop a stronger sense of self and to overcome limiting beliefs so that they can be their very best selves.

Chris’ journey has been an interesting one filled with many curves along the way.  Chris was previously married to a woman and divorced and is the father of three children.  Because of the conservative religious environment in which he was entrenched, he bought into the lie that his sexuality was changeable and spent years involved in ex-gay reparative therapy trying to “pray the gay away”. He finally left Evangelicalism and came out of the closet at the end of 2011. In 2013, Chris appeared on Our America with Lisa Ling in the episode, God and Gays, advocating for the closure of ex-gay ministry Exodus International. Chris is now passionate about emotional health and helping people to gain freedom from unhealthy relationships with themselves and others. In his free time, Chris enjoys music, traveling, reading, snorkeling, hiking, wine tasting. Chris and his husband live in the Pacific Northwest.



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