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Episode 200: Celebrating the Music & Milestones of our LGBTQ Life – Tony Moran

I’m 54, he’s 50 something. We’re celebrating 200 Episodes of The Coming Out Lounge. He’s celebrating 35 years in the music business rocking the dance music industry. All that is to say, you’re never too old to rock the world, your way.

But it does beg the question, “How do you continue to bring yourself fully to a world that seems to constantly focus on youth and beauty?” And even more compelling, “What is the benefit of staying in your groove, your passion, your wheelhouse, when all signs might point towards telling you to make a change, change, change?”

Bringing his full self to the lounge today is Grammy-award nominated dance music, DJ, producer extraordinaire Tony Moran – a man who’s beat never misses a beat. Just ask Madonna, Cher, Gloria Estefan, and more.

Show Highlights

* Everyone is welcome on the dance floor when this guest is in the house!
* Tony shares the  beautiful moments (but also the challenges) he sees in the world today
* There’s one album in particular that provides an escape for him….
* Even if  you’re the only person who gets your coming out experience –  be ok with it
* The LGBTQ community is “dysfunctional” for a reason (and it’s a simple one)

Connect with Tony Moran

The thunderous beats of New Yorker Tony Moran have resonated throughout clubs and arenas around the world, and have dominated the Billboard dance charts for decades. When artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez want to tear up the dance floor, they call upon the top-ranked DJ and Grammy™ nominated producer and remixer for The Moran Sound — hard hitting tribal house anthems infused with the latest cutting edge sounds in electronica.

Tony Moran, however, is more than a man that works the DJ booth and studio. An accomplished singer and songwriter, he has released a number of independent singles and CDs throughout his three-decade long (and counting) career. His latest offering, entitled MAGIC is a universal embrace of soul, sympathy and conviction. MAGIC has been two years in the making, and follows hot on the heels of his previous tour de force double dance CD, THE EVENT. The lead single from MAGIC is You Are, an original Moran composition featuring powerful vocals by Frenchie Davis.

With more than 800 titles, dozens of Top 40 pop hits and countless No. 1 dance singles to his credit, the two-time Grammy-nominated Tony Moran shows no signs of slowing down. Driven as ever, but imbued with the creative freedom to develop and evolve his trademark sound on his own terms, Tony Moran — like his contemporaries and role models Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Bob Sinclair and David Guetta — is taking his music across the globe from the Americas to Europe to Asia and back.



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