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Episode 201: Reverse The Beat & Thrive! – Dina Delicious

Isolation, loneliness, not fitting in. All are common feelings on the journey to coming out to be one’s self. In the darkest of moments, you may feel the need to give up or give in, yet the real kick ass triumph comes when you Reverse The Beat and thrive.
Calling all of us back into action, Dina Delicious, NYC-based transgender personality, recording artist, and actress joins us today to stir up our emotions, to take us into the wild and unpredictable world of allowing ourselves to shine, because when we shine we send a strong signal that it ain’t over, we ain’t finished, not even close, we’re just beginning.

Show Highlights

* Every artist is an activist to some degree, with a message to share…
* What does this guest do if things aren’t going right?
* We need to empower each other – don’t look for politicians to do it
* It may sound simple, but love can conquer ANYTHING
* In a world that tells you that you shouldn’t exist, don’t give up!

Connect With Dina

Dina recently premiered her single – Reverse The Beat – at NYC Pride in June and her performance was televised live on ABC. Dina is the first trans artist to ever perform live on ABC. Dina also headlined at San Diego Pride 2017 where she performed to over 10,000 party goers. Dina is actively involved in the LGBTQ community and various charity organizations.

Dina has begun to see herself as an activist. Candy Magazine recently named her as a leader of the Trans revolution, alongside Laverne Cox and Janet Mock. The magazine also counted her as a “Pioneer” with Amanda Lepore. “I realize now that every artist is an activist to some degree,” she says. “We all have a message we hope to share; causes we believe in. I learned from Laverne Cox that with visibility comes great responsibility.”
As an artist, Dina’s first track, “Bubble Wrap,” was about breaking free from suffocating people. “I hate when people try to stifle my creativity,” she says. Her next single, “Black Widow,” was about a backstabbing friend. “I love singing about evil bitches,” she laughs. She then released a cover of Stacey Q’s 80’s hit, “Two of Hearts,” followed by the break-up track, “Tick Tick Trick”. “Reverse The Beat” is Dina’s first track with a deeper message.

“‘Reverse The Beat’ represents my growth as an artist,” she says. “I’m doing me
better than ever and I’m allowing myself to shine.”



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