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Episode 203: The Art of Being Gays With Kids – Brian Rosenberg

Parenting. It’s a labor of love and a love of labor. Now add to the mix, a twist of a same-sex household and all sorts of interesting things begin to happen. Especially when it’s a gay household with two Dads. There seems to be this expectation that two guys can’t do this together. Ok, maybe they can’t conceive and got through the actual birthing process by traditional means, but they sure the hell can become Dads and do a darn good job of it. Especially with the help of Gays With Kids.

Brian Rosenberg, Founder of Gays With Kids, joins us today to talk about everything we can squeeze into 30-minutes of time about being Gays With Kids. Learn about their mission, community, resources, support and about his and his husband Ferd’s journey to parenthood of three beautiful kids…including parenting twins. As you can tell, anything is possible when a family is built upon the foundation of love, love, love!

Show Highlights

* When you’re gay there are lots of hoops to go through to raise kids…
* You have to explain your family in a way that gives your children comfort, support & love
* Gays with Kids began as, and continues to be, a supportive environment for any gay Dad
* Your business has stages – just like your children do
* If you want to be a Dad here what you do!

Connect with Brian Rosenberg

Brian Rosenberg is the Founder of Gays With Kids, the world’s leading organization providing community, resources and support for gay dads and dads-to-be. Our mission is to help gay men become dads, and to help new dads navigate fatherhood.
Brian first conceived of Gays With Kids, along with his husband Ferd, after becoming first-time dads in 2009. But with a newborn in the house and the impending arrival of twins less than two years later, spare time for special projects was non-existent. So Gays With Kids didn’t launch until several years later, in 2014.

For the first couple of years, Gays With Kids was very much a labor of love completely funded by Brian and Ferd. In 2017, we re-launched the company thanks to the incredible guidance of a group of passionate and dedicated media-savvy advisors helping us transition Gays With Kids into an independent, self-sustaining business. We are now focused on building an innovative and responsive company that will meet the growing and diverse needs of our expanding community for many years to come.



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