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Episode 207: More To The Man Than Meets The Queer Eye – Michael Lucas

Assumptions make an ass out of you and me. Or so that’s what they say. And, in the case of today’s guest, that is what has happened more often than not. The moment he’s labeled as an adult film star and producer, he gets dropped into a proverbial category of…however you the listener perceive what he does for a living as good, bad, or indifferent. Shame on you, because you’re missing out when you should be dialing in to get to know Michael Lucas.

While his life’s work is considered “X-Rated,” his life is a passionate one of being an LGBTQ activist, writer, and family guy. In fact you might be surprised to find out who he tends to spend most his time with on a daily basis when he’s home and not traveling the globe shooting his artfully crafted lifestyle films for gay men. We’re going inside the heart and soul of this beautiful man, so drop your assumptions and step into another side of seeing the adult film industry as Michael celebrates 20 years in the industry.

Show Highlights

* What’s PrEP all about (and why is it so important)?
* A simple way to have more impact – just by just using our ears
* It was gay porn that made this guest feel like he was “ok”
* Societal pressure is holding us back in many ways…
* Living a lie becomes very damaging, and Michael is living his truth!

Connect with Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas is an adult film producer and actor who curates “lifestyle films for gay men.” His films are scouted and shot all over the world. Each film is directed as if it’s a Hollywood studio movie (which includes the location, venue that they’re shooting at such as a rented mansion, production crew, etc.) All of his stars are tested for STD’s and HIV before they film to insure the health and safety of all concerned, which is a striking contract to most other film companies who shoot in sleazy hotels, filming 25 movies in one day. That’s not how Lucas Films works in the industry.

In addition to celebrating his 20th anniversary in the adult film biz, Michael’s true passion is politics, being an LGBTQ activist, and spokesperson for PrEp. He’s writes for several publications which include OUT Magazine, Advocate and Huffington Post, where he writes about, love, sex and politics. During his personal time, Michael enjoys traveling, spending lots of time with family, especially his 95-year-old grandmother who he sees every day when not on the road. Michael is a very personable charming & funny guy. At 45 he’s very healthy and in the best shape of his life due in part to the fact that he doesn’t drink, smoke nor do drugs. He enjoys cooking, having dinner parties for close friends at his lavish NYC apartment, reading, going to the Opera and fishing. Obviously not the assumed picture of your average adult film mogul.

Website (NSFW)

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