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Episode 210: Uncloseted Riffs & Rants – Good or Better – Rick Clemons

A quick visit to support my friend, and inspiration guy, Chris Guillebeau, on his book tour for his new book Side Hustle: From idea to income in 27 days, led me to as the question that he posed…”What’s good and what could be better?”
Learn the five things I came up with that are good but could be better on this Uncloseted Riff & Rant. And if Chris is in your neighborhood, you just might want to join him at one of his 100 book tour stops. Click here to see the schedule.  And, for more inspiration, listen to Chris’s daily, 10 mins. or less, Side Hustle podcast to hear inspirational stories about coming out to create side hustles that enrich your life and your pocketbook.


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