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Episode 211: Coming Out In Asia Led To Creating Good Mornings – Craig Kulyk

Imagine being in a foreign country, learning to stumble through the language barriers, adjusting to cultural expectations, and realizing that you’re going to come out of the closet. Hard enough to do around people within your own culture, but how do you do this thousands of miles away from your own country, family, and friends?

Craig Kulyk, blogger, takes us on his coming out journey, the challenges, joys, and unexpected twists and turns that led him to opening up and being vulnerable in ways he never imagined. It even led him to come out with his side hustle blog Create Good Mornings.

Show Highlights

* If Craig didn’t make the most of his morning, his day would slip away
* Mediation has become a way for this guest not to just get lost in his emotions
* Everything he does now is to help others learn the lessons he has along the way
* Take baby steps and do what you can do today!
* Why you don’t always need to have all of the answers…

Connect with Craig Kulyk

Craig Kulyk writes about habits, productivity and mindfulness for entrepreneurs, wantrapreneurs, creatives and dreamers on his blog Create Good Mornings. He’s also the Marketing Manager for the world’s largest ultimate league in Vancouver where he lives with his partner, two cats, and a rapidly growing collection of books.

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